Guilty brand of wacky animations

Sure you’ve ever done something damn crazy for love, but still have certain common sense left.

Same for Wackamola.

It has the right combination of irrational anomaly with serenity and judgement to be good at the development of original IPs and its pitching-show in the markets in search of funds and partners.

So creative executive production of animated TV/Web series projects is what is brewed here.

Except on Sundays, you know.

Hoping to amaze you with unsuspected characters and stories. And that you amaze Wackamola with your unsuspected partnership proposal.

Coherent exchange, despite being both a little crazy, huh?


Sexual instinct is the playing rule

Domestically irresistible

Existential crises happen to anyone

What makes us equal

The Wind-Ups

Countries: Spain, France.
Producer and Distributor: Autour de Minuit.
Author: Irene Chica.
Format: TV/Web Series.
Running Time: 03 min x 26 episodes.
Genre: Sexual Comedy.
Target Public: Adults, Young Adults.
Techniques Used: 3D Computer.
Original Version: No Dialogue.

Synopsis: In a community of small sex wind-up toys, Jenny the vagina and Willy and Joe Jr. the penises make up a vicious and hot but incompatible trio. She’s only interested in foreplay, while Willy is desperate to get directly into action and Joe Jr. is itching to show his love to her. To cap it all, other wind-ups have a knack for standing in their way when least expected: Jenny’s best friend Handy Hand, who doesn’t let go of her for a second; the frenetic Chattering Teeth chasing crazily after anything to put in his mouth; and Boom the bum in constant exploration of his asshole.

Project Status: Development.

Home Villa Tours

Country: Spain.
Producer: Peekaboo Animation.
Author: Irene Chica.
Format: TV Series.
Running Time: 11 min x 52 episodes.
Genre: Comedy of Home Adventures.
Target Public: Children 6-9.
Techniques Used: 2D Computer.
Original Version: With Dialogue.

Synopsis: Every time their owners are away, Katusha the cat -a newcomer to the urbanization concerned with building trust- and Wanton the turtle -has been there for decades, so he lives happily carefree- team up to organize, with the help of three other pets, tours & tourist activities aimed at animals from the jungle or even the Arctic that dream of knowing the domestic habitat. The wild instinct of the tourists is the least of it, since the motley crew of HVT is enough to create chaos by itself, and all while the grumpy mutt of the janitor insists on uncovering the business.

Project Status: Development.


Country: Spain.
Author: Irene Chica.
Format: TV/Web Series.
Running Time: 07 min x 26 episodes.
Genre: Dark Comedy.
Target Public: Adults, Young Adults.
Techniques Used: 2D Computer, Live Action.
Original Version: With Dialogue.

Synopsis: The ambiguous inkblots used for the Rorschach Test in a Swiss psychiatric hospital have suddenly come to life and are disturbed, as patients visualized in them all sorts of unthinkable things and thus left them with a very diffuse self-concept.
Dr. Stowers keeps the inkblots under treatment until they accept that they are merely ink. Although they are determined to prove that they are much more than that, and undertake in parallel a kind of relatively effective, yet powerfully amusing and bizarre, group autopsychotherapy.

Project Status: Pre-Development.

Not-a-Cat Cat

Country: Spain.
Author: Irene Chica.
Format: TV Series.
Running Time: 11 min x 52 episodes.
Genre: Fantastic Comedy.
Target Public: Children 6-9.
Techniques Used: 2D Computer.
Original Version: With Dialogue.

Synopsis: Ivy is a girl whose parents run a pet store in the big city, but in the smallest strip mall on the smallest square in the smallest neighborhood, so they only have room for cat stuff! This has generated in Ivy a great love for these animals, but at the same time, it has made her allergic to them. Until she finally finds the only cat in the world that doesn’t give her allergies… and now all she wants to do with it are the normal things that any child would do. It’s funny, because precisely what has brought Ivy and this cat (and the rest of the gang) together is that they are different.

Project Status: Pre-Development.

Not-a-Cat Cat was born from the short film script ‘Mundo Menudo’, winner of the first edition of the Young Talent Clan Award. The competition, launched in 2019 by Clan International/RTVE and the Quirino Awards, called on young Ibero-American creators to participate with scripts for animated short films that comply with the slogan “What makes us equal” and have the potential to be the origin of a possible series.


The short film project ‘Mundo Menudo’, by Irene Chica (Spain), has won the first edition of the Young Talent Clan Award, an initiative of Clan Internacional/RTVE and the Quirino Awards to promote young Ibero-American creators.

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Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.
So it’s not dangerous that you want to discover the materials of
the projects now.

Just by saying hello, you’ll get the code to access them. Later the satisfaction will do the rest. Go ahead.


    Irene Chica



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